We have been doing BBQ

for the better part of the past 27 years utilizing white oak & pecan from our own 200 year old stand of pecan trees, to slowly cook a variety of meat & fish.  


Maryland Pit Beef: Angus Top Round rubbed with brown sugar & a little Old Bay, pit-smoked for 3 hours over a moderate fire.

Whole Woodfired Angus Tenderloin:

Slow-cooked over hardwood.


Pulled Pork: Pit-smoked for 12 hours, dressed with apple cider vinegar, cane sugar & red pepper flakes.


Jamaican Chicken: Marinated with ginger, lime, jalapeños, mustard, rosemary.

Pit-cooked over hardwood.


Eastern Shore Pit Cooked Chicken: Rubbed with brown sugar and a little bit of

Old Bay. Pit-smoked & dressed with a sweet red sauce.


Memphis Style Ribs: Rubbed with brown sugar and pepper, slow cooked over hardwood and dressed with a sweet and tangy sauce.


Whole Smoked Salmon: Rubbed with olive oil &  slow cooked over hardwood.

Wood Fired Wild Rockfish: With a brown butter sauce, capers lemon juice and fresh chopped herbs.


All of our sides and desserts are scratch made.

We can provide servers, paper goods, flatware china, bartenders, mixers, tents, tables, and linens to make any occasion stress free and enjoyable.